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There's a Longmarch Tire for every job

Since the establishment of Chaoyang Long March Tyre Co., Ltd in 2003, our focus has been on the R&D, production and sales of all-steel radial tires. After 19 years of continuous development, Long March Tyre has become a modern enterprise with the following features: an annual production capacity of 4 million units, a complete range of truck and bus tires, a high starting point for OTR production, and an annual sales of nearly $470 million.


Science and technology constitute the primary productive force.

Adhering to the strategy of "improving capabilities, promoting innovation, and seeking development", Long March pays great importance to attract talent and talent training, and has established a high-quality product R&D team. In order to meet the future requirements for national automobiles on high-speed and heavy-duty performances, we have pioneered tubeless heavy-duty tires.

Meanwhile, we have also developed OTR tires to expand the product portfolio.

At present, we owns three brands of LONGMARCH, STARLUX and SUPERCARGO, covering 59 specifications, 94 patterns and 508 varieties of truck and bus tires and OTR tires, which can meet the needs of different customers across the world. With excellent product quality, we has established a marketing network in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, including China, the United States, Canada, France, Pakistan, and Australia, etc.

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Development in Pakistan Plant

Service Long March (SLM is the first "All Steel Radial" Truck & Bus tires manufacturing and researched-based project of its kind in Pakistan. With complete transfer of technology from Long March (LM) right from the commencement of the project at a mutually agreed price amounting to millions of US dollars, the project is to be setup in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate ("S.I.T.E"), Nooriabad, Sindh. The Plant covers about 50 acres of land. Commercial production of the project commenced in March 2022. The project is expected to export around 85% of its total production capacity to other countries. The SLM ownership comprises of 51% shareholding of the Servis Group, with Chaoyang Long March Co. Ltd. acquiring 44% and Myco Corporation aquiring 5%.

The total project cost is estimated to be around USD 300 million and the targeted production capacity is "2.4 million tyres per annum". The Project will be installed in three phases, In phase-1, production will be 0.74 M followed by 1.2 M in phase-2 and 2.4 M in phase-3.

Transfer of Technology: SLM will be the first "All Steel Radial Tyres" manufacturing and researched-based project of its kind in Pakistan with complete transfer of technology right from the commencement of the project. The project is going to use a new technology known as "All Steel Radial" technology.

Contribution to National Exchequer: SLM will contribute around PKR 23 billion towards national exchequer by way of Custom Duties, Sales Tax and Income Tax, during its initial 10 years of comercial operations.

Exports: SLM will export around major share of production capacity to other countries all over the world. Major countries where the tyres

 will be exported will be USA, EU and Brazil. The yearly exports will be around USD 70 million in the first year of commercial operations which will be gradually increased to USD 300 million.


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